Face in Mirror

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Seeing a face in a mirror or see a reflection or admiration of beauty of face represents status, statesmanship, inferiority, disgrace, manageability of affairs, religion, honesty, grief, defamation, loan, debt, goodness, your capacity for mediation depending upon the context of your dream. To see a face more glittering, radiant and beautiful than normal refers to elevation in status or elevation in your office or work like promotions etc. and vice versa. A pure pinkish, roseate or blushing face in dream is also a sign of fame. A bright white face refers to your religious powers. A pale yellowish color of face refers to disease and ailment. If a blackish complexion is prominent on a face in dream then it is symbolic of future defamation. To dream that your face is dark or dull or black (if not in waking life) and you are wearing bright or white color then it is symbolic of birth of a baby girl for you. A dark, dull, or dusty face refers to your false religious ideas. To see bleeding from face refers to loss of wealth. An uglier face than normal refers to your deterioration in current status or condition. A mole on the face refers to loan or debt. To see your face prettier than normal or to listen some admiration in dream is symbolic of improvement of your work assignments. To see reddish face in dream refers to your discussion or hard talk followed by anger or irritation. A scar or wound in face is prophetic of sorrow and grieves in life. To see a scratch in the face in dream is an indication that someone will share your powers or works. To see two faces in dream indicates your deceitful life.