All you need to know about dreams and interpretaions

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Common Misconceptions about Dreams

Greatest misconception about dreams  is that people either assume that all dreams are true or all dreams are false. Not all but only a certain number of dreams are prophetic or true indeed. Most of dreams are mere dreams and are difficult to interpret accurately. However some people having intuition can dream and predict well.

 It is usually believed that dreams lack orientation stability. People, times and places are fused, plastic, incongruous and discontinuous. These misconceptions are categorically due to lack of specific knowledge in the subject area. 

People seen in dreams often are not the ones we conceive. It is one of the basic rules while interpreting a dream to correlate the person seen in dream to a similar person in waking life. Similarities may include but not limited to the same or similar name, profession, relationship, position, qualities, habits etc. Try to understand some logical connection between the two persons. Pay attention to the context of events and figure out the person who best fits in your dream plot. Dreaming mind usually depicts a person who is closer emotionally and chronologically  For example consider two people with same or similar names. You are associated with both in waking life. Person A is your buddy and person B is a colleague in office. Now if you see person A in your work place then dream may refer to person B your colleague. The reason is simple as person A has a long term association with you, dreaming mind will portray image of person A due to similarity in name and long term stronger association. Therefore seeing someone doing something in dream is likely to happen to his brother or sister and son or daughter and so on so. Child’s dream is associated to his or her parents while interpreting.

Orientations of places seen in dream are often confused and incongruous. Familiar places in waking life are relatively easy to recall. It is very hard to estimate the exact orientation of a place conceived through dream which you have not seen in waking life. Only chief landmarks may be recalled. If interpreter has visited or heard about such place then he can guess the playground of his dream. When we talk about places and their orientation in dreams we should again explore our long term associations. Native town or city may compose your world in dreams, globe or frame of reference in your dream. All places seen in dream will be mapped to your native city or town. In some cases your work place site may be your frame of reference in your dream. While interpreting such dreams you can map your frame of reference to the whole world and can work out place seen in dream. Still sense of orientation is missing. Remap and think about the locality seen in dream in certain radius or range and probably you may get the answer.