All you need to know about dreams and interpretaions

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What is Symbolism

Brain partially active during sleeping and dreaming could not title objects therefore it associates these objects with their contextual role, function or purpose. In waking life we combine word symbols to form meaningful verbal stories composed of sentences; while in dreams symbolic images are combined to form meaningful dream stories of images, and metaphors. Consequently a constructive “language” seems to emerge from the telling of the dream. Each of us had learnt a system of conceptual metaphors, as a result of repeated experiences in the course of childhood development. This may be a reason that when we tell the dream, we often use metaphors to describe the actions, feelings and imagery in the dream. These metaphors are figures of speech that not only describe the dream, but link it to similar events and feelings in our waking life. Therefore all the dream dictionaries use language of metaphors which is also called symbolism.   

In short we can conclude today the man has learnt about need of certain protocols for safe and secure information transmission. We are using different protocols for addressing, routing, and the fragmentation and reassembly of information packets in our daily communication. Similarly prophetic dreams are transmitted using “Symbolism” protocol.