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Why Symbolism in Dreams?

Various situations in dream may have complexity many folds and cannot be perceived accurately. For example take the case of “Tsunami and its aftermath in Japan and America”.  The situation is complex in nature, lengthy on time scale, encompasses large geographical areas and involves circumstances which are not easily conceivable for someone with average brain potential and he  has no background in dreaming and interpreting. Also he has no previous exposure to such an incident. The situation becomes more complex when dreaming person has no background in nuclear reactors events as a result of earth quake disaster.Such situations in a dream of shorter interval cannot be foretold as such. Cerainly it will require some sort of notations and signs.

Someone may dream of future events in life like a large scale disaster in Japan, historical floods in Pakistan, political turmoil in Arab countries like Egypt, Tunis and Libya, Hurricane/tornadoes in America etc, Fire outbreak in Spain. Due to complexity of scenarios symbolism is effectively used to convey the divine warning or messages in shorter time interval. To communicate crucial information without significant losses i.e. by avoiding information corruption to maximum possible extent which is diverse in nature and vast in amount to dreaming person, Symbolism is used in dream. Conveying information using Symbolism protocol is an efficient process and causes minimum burden on brain or without overburdening the brain. 

On the other side personal affairs or events like death of someone dear, promotion in office, a road accident etc. usually may be dreamed of in simple and clear-cut manner with similarities and confusions already discussed. Symbolism in dreams has certain advantages. It is time efficient, secure, universal, effective and less burdensome for brain.