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Possible Meanings for Seeing Guava Fruit in Dreams

Depending upon the context of your dreams, seeing or eating guava fruit is prophetic of;

  • Wealth from legitimate resources

  • Great wealth or luxuriousness

  • Fulfilling of dreams

  • Getting a girl you like

  • Some sort of sickness affecting the body or mind

Guiding Dream Interpretations

  1. Seeing or eating a green and sweet guava fruit in your dreams, during its season in waking life, is a sign of obtaining wealth from fair means or legitimate resources.

  2. Seeing or eating a yellow guava fruit is a sign of illness especially if you dream when it is not season of guava fruit in waking life.

  3. Seeing or eating a yellowish red sweet guava fruit in dreams is symbolic of getting wealth from lawful sources.

  4. Tasteless or sour guava fruit in your dreams symbolizes sadness.

  5. Watching the head of state/institution eating guava fruit in your dreams, is a sign of getting material gains from a reputed person.