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Possible Dream Meanings

The leg or thigh in dream is prophetic of your family power or tribal power. To see your thigh in dream is symbolic of family, tribe, trusted friend, wealth or anger depending upon the context of your dream.

Guiding Dream Interpretations 

  1. To dream that your thigh is broken or it fell down on the ground then it is a sign of departure from your friends, tribe and will become weak or thin during a journey.

  2. It is also feared that you may die during this departure, tour or journey likely in a foreign country.

  3. To dream that your thigh is smaller than normal then it indicates loss in your family business or work.

  4. To dream that you thigh is broken then it is a sign of disrespect and miseries caused by any leader or high up.

  5. To dream that meat is chopped off from your thigh then it is a sign of loss or damage to your family wealth or opulence.

  6. To dream that your thighs are tied up with a rope then it is a sign of wedding in your family or tribe and you will move your residence near your in laws.

  7. To dream that you ate meat of your thigh then it indicates consuming wealth of your family.

  8. To dream that you have hair on your thigh then it is a sign of debt or loan.

  9. To dream that someone removes or shaves hair from your thigh signifies that person shaving or removing hair from your thigh will pay off your debts or loans.