Dream about walking on water

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Possible Meanings of Dream

Water makes our life possible on Earth and has vital importance for all kind of life on Erath. Depending upon the context of your dream seeing any form of water in dream may symbolize;

  • Faith, belief, confidence or trust

  • Power (mind, body, moral etc.)

  • Hard task or mission impossible

  • Friendship, love and romance

  • Official assignments

Guiding Dream Interpretations

1.    Walking on Water

  • Walking on water at times is used to refer to someone’s extraordinary performance. To see someone walking on water surface e.g. river or canal symbolizes his /her pure faith and extraordinary moral powers.

  • To stand above clear water in your house suggests upcoming happiness and fortune and vice versa (Clean water vs. Dirty water).

 2.    To Drink Water

  • To drink clear and purified water in dream suggests longevity and luxuries in life. To drink polluted and sour water in dream is prophetic of short miserable life.

  • To drink clear and purified water from a river suggests your eminent ruling of the world. Alternatively it may also symbolize esteemed status in life, wealth and fortune.

  • To drink muddy (and sour) water from a river suggests sorrows, hardships, fear and terror in life.

  • To drink hot water in dream suggests disease and sorrows.

  • To offer water to people at no cast suggests that you will become beneficial to the people or mankind and you will colonize an uninhabited area or place for the welfare of common people.

  • To drink water from a bowl or water container by licking like dogs suggests luxuries in life but some wrongdoing will cause trapping in a disputed affair and pain. Dreamer’s wealth will shrink in size due to various payments and giveaways.

 3.    To irrigate a Garden

  • To dream that you are irrigating your garden with water suggests finding your soulmate.

4.    Bath and Shower

  • To see clean and pure water showering on oneself in dream suggests benefits and goodness.

  • To see muddy and unclear water showering on oneself in dream suggests losses.

  • Showering of harmful hot water on someone suggests ailment or immense grief.