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Possible Dream Meanings

Depending upon the context of your dream falling may symbolize disappointment, revenge, prosperity, wealth, happiness, changing your condition from good to bad, marriage failure, stress, imprisonment, spiritual decline, temptation death or indictment.

Guiding Dream Interpretations 

  • To see falling oneself plunging one’s face in the ground indicates worries especially if you are engaged in a row with your opponents OR engaged in war against your eneies.

  • If someone sees himself falling from a mountain, wall or rooftop in a dream then dream signifies that his wishes or goals will not be achieved. Alternatively if someone sees himself falling from a mountain in dream then dream signifies your condition will change from good to bad. Also some physical harm is foreseen. Especially if falling in dream caused bleeding from any body part or received injuries then dream particularly signifies physical harm proportional to the wounds seen in dream.

  • If someone sees himself falling but no harm is occurred then dream is prophetic of luxurious and privileged life.

  • If someone sees himself slipping in dream then dream foretells the grief and troubles.

  • If someone sees falling of biting insects/reptiles (like snakes, wasps, scorpions etc.) from the top of your house entrance then the dream signifies pains and sorrows caused by officials or high ups.

  • If someone sees collapsing or falling of rooftop or a wall on oneself then dream is a sign of getting unexpected wealth and prosperity and dreaming person will be happy and joyful, his business will flourish OR any other blessing is imminent.

  • To see falling oneself suddenly in water signifies imminent money and joys of life.

  • Falling into a hole and crying for help to no avail in dream means taking a short trip.

  • Falling from a ladder or escalator means adversities, temptation and spiritual decline.

  • If a seer or dream interpreter sees himself falling in a deep hole then dream is prophetic of his involvement in council ship with governors or high authorities.

  • To dream that while climbing or going up you fell on the ground then it is symbolic of falling from your current position and is prophetic of disrespect in society. 

  • To dream that wagon, vehicle or carriage fell on the road or you fell from a wagon then the dream indicates loss in honor and respect. 

  • To fell from divine bridge ( in the highway to paradise)to hell signifies troubles, sorrows and grief.