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Possible Meanings

Dreaming about waves (air, water, power, light etc.), depending upon the context of your dreams, may represent the following;

  • Powerful enemy
  • Cruel ruler
  • Hidden army
  • Disaster
  • Chaos
  • Hardships in life

Guiding Dream Interpretations

  1. To see in dream that you have got rid of a wave then it is prophetic of your ability to be victorious or overcome your limitations.
  2. To dream that you are running away from a tornado then it is a sign of getting away from your enemies.
  3. To dream that an area is full of waves or tornadoes and you are in an unknown locale then it represents some catastrophic natural disaster in the area seen in dream.
  4. To dream that waves or tornadoes are spoiling an area then it is symbolic of heavy fines or taxes levied by the government in that area.