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Possible Dream Meaning

Depending upon the context of your dream seeing, watching or hearing of rain may symbolize Allah’s blessings like renewal and fertility and well-beingness.

Alternatively the dream may signify appeal, sorrows and grief related to disease, fight, bloodshed, famine, clemency, atheism, and lying.

Guiding Interpretations


To dream that it is raining lightly or drizzling all around you then it is a sign of Allah’s blessings and well being to the people of that area. To dream of raining when people need it in waking life then it is a sign of prosperity for that area. To dream of heavy rain with or without strong winds only in a local area or territory then the residents of that particular area may suffer from natural calamity or viral disease or something catastrophic. To dream of raining in the beginning of a year in waking life, it is a sign of riches and opulence in that area, To see in dream torrential rain with dark black clouds signifies breaking out of dangerous disease in that area. To see in dream heavy showers during rainy season in waking life indicates attack of enemy forces in the country seen in dream. To dream that it is raining all around you then it may be a sign of your beneficial journey. To hear sound of rain drops falling or to hear tapping sound of rain indicates that spiritual thoughts and insights are being brought to you for awareness and consequently your status and respect will be enhanced. To dream of a heavy rain that caused the canals to flow fully (quite in close proximity to threshold level) but you are still safe and sound during rain, in that case it is a warning of accountability done by the supreme authority but dreaming person will be unharmed. To see in dream honey falling as rain symbolizes imminent blessings and riches expected to dreaming person. To dream of drinking rain water which is clear and pure then it is a sign of prosperity and comforts but if the rain water you are drinking is blackish or tasteless or has a bad taste then it may be a sign of disease, illness or grief.