To see a boat or sea ship in dream may symbolize woman, sons, father, vehicles for riding, happiness, peace, comforts, luxuries, wealth and riches depending upon the context of your dream. To see riding a boat in a river and came out of river safely suggests peace and safety and freeing from sorrows and grief. To dream that your boat is destroyed while riding then the dream suggests you will be killed by some nation. To see your boat in land suggests your worries and freeing from such worries after a longer period. To see your boat sunk but you manage to escape then dream suggests some loss of wealth but you will be unharmed in some tragic situation. To see wreckage and sinking altogether signifies some great tragedy. To see yourself riding in a high place and boat is running then the dream represents your status among chieftains or congressmen. To see fairies, ships running in a sea or river signify journeys. To see boats, ships standing still in river or sea suggest a journey for immigration. To see you riding in a boat and blowing of cool breeze while the boat is sailing swiftly then the dream suggests freeing from sorrows and worries. To see a still boat trembling with large waves suggests hardships and fear of death. To see a boat running and you are unable to catch at then it is a sign of your engagement in some difficult task but eventually you will be freed from the assignment. To see boats sailing in a river unattended suggests sending of foreign missions or diplomats by the governments.