Depending upon the context of your dream may symbolize official ranks, state, statesmanship, honor, status and amount. A cap maker in dream is a person who serves the elders. To see wearing a Turkish cap may signify getting riches with efforts. To wear a cap resembling to the style of non-believers or atheist suggests making progress in this world but weaker religious practice. To a throne in dream signify state. To wear a roomie style cap represents progress and achievements in both worlds. To wear a turban or helmet over a cap refers to your efforts to hide or conceal something. To wear a silky cap in dream suggests benefits in the life. To wear a golden cap represents getting profits from common people. To wear a cap ornamented with pearls signify your company with a brave and kind hearted person. It also refers suggests popularity among people. To wear a metallic cap or helmet suggests honor, value and favor. To wear a cap of inferior material signifies creating disagreement in people by telling lies and some non-sense talking. To wear a summer cap in winter signifies goodness and benefits and vice versa. To drop or fell cap from your head suggests suspension from your job or some great shocking news. To wear or put on a cap signifies respect, status from particular head of department or chief. To wear a cap associated to some particular department suggests some position in that department.