Depending upon the context of your dream washing of one’s hands, body or face may symbolize of getting the wishes, healing up from disease, getting the wealth, religious travel, happiness, peace, religious purity and meeting the needs. To dream that you washed yourself in a pool, canal, lake or river then it is symbol of freeing from sorrows and grief. If you are a debtor/defaulter in waking life your loans will be paid off fully. If you are suffering from disease in waking life then you will be in good health soon. Washing your body partially in dream suggests partial improvement in your circumstances. To see in dream that you are washing someone dead with water then it symbolizes that family or near relatives of dead person in dream will be freed from sorrows and grief. To dream that you wash up your body with saltish water then it is a sign of deep grief. To dream that you are washing already clean clothes with dirty water then it suggests some spoilage in your job or work conditions or alternatively it represents your false religious ideas. To dream that you wash yourself (hands and face etc.) with dirty or cold water then it is symbolic of peace, eternity, freeing from sorrows and grief, peace without fear depending upon the context of your dream.