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Dreams comprise of common symbolic imagery. This symbolic imagery often means something particular for you. Depending upon the context of one's life meanings of symbolic imagery may be different for different people. With a little extraordinary effort you can master to search, select and apprehend these particular meanings contained within your dream which exclusively best fits to your circumstances.

Use the following Tips to understand the dream meanings for you;

  1. Write down your dream events as early as possible. You should also recall your emotions or feelings in your dream. A pleasant mood in dream is always interpreted as goodness.

  2. Search our dictionary to find the meaning of key objects / images in your dream. Use Search Filter "Articles" for best results.

  3. When results are displayed, select the most relevant article and read it carefully.

  4. Select, copy and paste most relevant sentences with reference to context of your life.

  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 & 4 for all key objects/ images in your dream.

  6. Try to work out different stories contained within your dream. Relate it to your life.

  7. Finally choose which story best fits to your circumstances. 

 Look beyond the obvious because true or divine dreams always point towards the things which are not usual.